Our primary objective is to raise funds for charitable use.

We aim to raise such funds through our shop and fundraising events with a target of 20,000 yearly.

Our aim is to encourage, develop and support worthy causes in the Dundee City area that will provide benefit to the local community.


Legal: All fundraising must meet the requirements of the law.

Open: We will be open with the public about our fundraising processes and must be willing to explain (where appropriate) if we are asked for more information.

Honest: We must act with integrity and must not mislead the public about the causes we are fundraising for or the way a donation will be used. 

Respectful: We must demonstrate respect whenever we have contact with any member of the public.


Dundee Community Grants is a new not-for-profit initiative set up to raise funds to help charities, groups and individuals in the Dundee area.

We are committed to help the development of new community projects and support existing community activities in Dundee by ways of funding grants.

We will release funding every month with grants ranging from £500 to £1000. The grants are intended to support projects, not fully fund them. 

To be eligible to apply you must be an individual, registered charity or a local group based in Dundee or within 5 miles of the city centre wanting to provide benefit for your local community.

Dundee Community Grants is funded by raising money in our shop in The Wellgate Shopping Centre, donations from individuals and specific fundraising events.

Please note: We will not fund groups or organisations which exist to promote one political or religious opinion to the exclusion of others.